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Etheras’ Commission 4 by Rajii

A message from Anonymous
Humm do you accept cock pics? Not to publish of course but still :3

Well then, how to answer this without sounding greedy. XD Mind you I’m not here to solicit any such thing from people anyways, but seeing as people already submit them sometimes as is, I guess the answer is yes, if that’s what you really wanna do, or if people wanna send pics of their feet, nothing’s stopping you. xD I don’t really mind, lol.

A message from darkhom
It's your blog, my friend. You should feel safe to post whatever you like. And if other's don't like it, they can find ways to blacklist that kind of material, ignore those posts, or just unfollow you. No one should ever tell someone else what they can or cannot post on their own blog.

Yeah I agree. Like, I don’t like to come across as a person who gets pissy over criticism, in fact I welcome it, but what I don’t appreciate is being told not to post something. I feel bad taking my frustration out on the one person who simply asked them to be tagged, but it’s just pent up irritation over stuff like that. Like I run this blog for fun, and I’m a person who enjoys variety, and it kinda bums ya out when people tell you to stop posting stuff that makes ya happy. *shrug* I did tag them now though, so hopefully that should alleviate that issue.

Besides, as I said, I’m just welcoming pony femboys occasionally into my posting schedule, they’re certainly not going to consume the blog or be posted in greater amounts than the standard anthro arts. Just a lil something to mix it up now and then, and to give a lil nod to the brony followers I have who have been so awesome to me.

But yeah, rambling aside, thanks for the support, and to the others who sent similar messages as well. x3 And sorry for coming across as rude earlier if I did.


Results for the Belt Slaves YCH~ This one was fun.


4000 people love butts <3


4 people couldn’t handle the sissy and brought me back to 3996 again lol

deep blue sea - by jaggiekant