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For the anon who is worried about crossdressing publicly: You can also try goig to convetions! I met this awesome dude at an anime one and he was sporting an adorable dress, conventions are full of extremely accepting people.

^ A very good point. c:

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so i kinda naturally have thickset hips and i recently learned my boyfriend adores stockings and such and i didn't really know that they were typically small, so that link post was really a massive godsend

Glad it helped! ♥ c:


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Uuuugh why are thigh-high socks so fucking tiny!!! None of the ones I've found fit my thunder thighs ;-;

Aww, I’m sorry to hear that. D: Yeah, most of them do seem to come most commonly in tiny sizes, but larger sizes do in fact exist. c: A quick search led me to this here: Which seems to offer some lovely options for those with thicker thighs. ♥ I’m not sure if they’ll have what you’re looking for, but hopefully it’ll help. x3

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How can I not be scared to crossdress publicly?

I would suggest, if you have some friends who are comfortable with it, crossdress around them so you can ease yourself into a comfort zone of being in your clothes while in the presence of others. Doing so in public is of course a major leap which takes a lot of courage, so building up a strong self-confidence would also help. c:

If you’re concerned about people being judgmental, try not to sweat it too much. It sucks, but some people are just rude, and will judge others regardless, so it’s best to disregard folks like that and grow immune to their nonsense. Can’t let people like that hold you back from being who you want to be, right? c:

But yeah, just gradually ease your way into doing so until you feel fully comfortable with crossdressing in public. In due time I’m certain you’ll be able to go out shopping, looking so fabulous and not having a single worry. 

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I was talking to a femboy on Omegle, and he started talking about how awesome testosterone blockers were. He said they gave him hips, made him skinnier, and made his skin super soft. I want to be more femmy, but I'm not sure about messing with my hormones. What are your thoughts?

Me, personally, that’s way further than I’d be willing to go, mainly because I’m not comfortable messing with my body and hormones in such a way either. But if it works to one’s benefit, then that’s pretty cool if it can enable them to be who they wish to be. c: I suppose results may vary from person to person, and it’d really depend on what you’re aiming to achieve with your body. But I’m unfamiliar with testosterone blockers and such, so pardon my ignorance on the subject. x3;

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So I've started classifying myself as a femboy... Really what I want is to be cute and fabulous and such, I'd like to wear panties, (I only have a single pair) and skirts... I dunno I just like them. But I also want to be seen as a guy... I guess I'm kinda confused on the whole femboyness... ;-; should I consider myself one?

Hmm, a confusing situation for sure. In my mind, I always see femboys as clearly being boys, with very prominent feminine traits and charm, as well as a cute attire. In other words, unless you wish to go into full-on “trap” territory, you can still very clearly identify as a boy while retaining the feminine qualities and cuteness you want. c: You just gotta find that happy balance that you feel suits you best. Give it time, I’m positive you’ll be an adorably fabulous femboy once you do! ♥

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Character by: Resine