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MR VAZZEH!!! ;^;


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So, I used to be strait as an arrow. Didn't have a problem with homosexuality, I just wasn't into it. About five months ago I met this sweet young lady online, Stacy We went on three dates, made out a couple times. To my own surprise, I wasn't mad when I found out. The love was still there. Now I thank traps everywhere and especially Stacy for getting me to try new things. Just thought y'all might appreciate my story. Sadly we're not going out anymore. (She also got me into furries ;3)

Quite the interesting story. c: Thank you for sharing it! Hehe, sometimes surprises can turn out quite nicely huh? x3

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So, my boyfriend thinks his belly is too big to be a femboi. I always tell him that that isn't the case, because we have the same body type, and I'm actually a girl, and I want him to feel comfortable enough to explore this side of him because i love all of him, and he's kinda cute in my clothes.....

Being a femboy doesn’t require being skinny, in my opinion. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s countless ladies out there with the same body type that look adorable in such outfits. c: Point being, it shows that having a belly doesn’t hinder one’s beauty, and that he too can very well pull off the femboy look. He just has to look at it in a positive manner, and not let his self-consciousness hold him back. Having you there to support him and tell him how cute he looks will surely help, and with any luck he’ll be fully comfortable with it in due time. c: Best of luck!

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Hi! ^~^ I want to become a Femboy but at the same time, I am also afraid to. I don't know what to do >.< Do you have any wisdom to spread? X3

Don’t be afraid. If it makes you happy, then by all means pursue that goal! Finding cute girly outfits is usually a nice place to start. Find something that compliments your appearance and go from there until you look as fabulous as you wish. :3 The mannerisms and everything else will likely come naturally. x3

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Do you know where to typically find a mate? I'm currently dating a guy who only seems to like me for my body and he's become a big pain to even talk to.

There’s really no set place that I can think of. Sometimes the best mates are the ones who take you by surprise in the most unlikely places. It all depends. But yeah, sounds like they have lust confused with love, not really the best thing to build a relationship off of, if there’s no chemistry with each other outside of mere sexual desire.

If he’s that much of a pain, it might be best to move on and find someone who legitimately cares about you, and that you can get along well with. That is if the current situation can’t be worked out, at least. Either way, best of luck on sorting things out!

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Its okay, just do what you need to do first and then upload when you can. I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

Thanks very much, I appreciate that! ♥ Will do! c:

About hiatuses and other stuff

I’d like to apologize for the really poor update schedule the blog has had as of late, largely due to being busy, as well as personal issues holding me back. Seems I’m here for a day or two before vanishing again, and I really want to correct that, and get back to a normal posting schedule again for you guys. So bear with me as I try to reorganize myself! More cuties are on the way! I’ll also try to catch up on messages as soon as I can.

Since I don’t do text posts often, I’d like to ramble about some other things too, for those who feel like reading. Things may get a bit TL;DR below the cut.

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For the anon who is worried about crossdressing publicly: You can also try goig to convetions! I met this awesome dude at an anime one and he was sporting an adorable dress, conventions are full of extremely accepting people.

^ A very good point. c: